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The Kings Park Sewer Expansion

Suffolk County and the Town of Smithtown are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated sewer line construction into Downtown Kings Park is set to break ground in the Summer of 2023.

Construction bids have been awarded by Suffolk County allowing for construction to move forward. An initial Meet and Greet with Contractors, officials, local businesses, and community leaders was held in early May.

During the Suffolk County Legislature's General Meeting on Tuesday, October 11th a public hearing was held to authorize additional funding needed for the restoration of Route 25a after construction of the sewer project is completed.

Construction of the project is being funded by a $20 million grant from New York State Transformative Investment Program (TIP). Based on the bids received on July 27th  the cost of the project itself will be covered by this grant, but restoring Route 25a, will require additional funding. The county will utilize funds received through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to cover these costs.
Supply chain issues, stemming from the COVID pandemic, has had an impact on the project’s timeline. Construction was expected to begin this Fall, but the increase in the cost of the project required the Legislature to hold a public hearing and then approve a resolution acknowledging the increased cost, which will create delay of several months in the construction timeline.
Construction will begin in the Summer of 2023.

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District Map

Map of Kings Park sewer district w/ Timeline

Click to view or print out a detailed map of the sewer construction map. 


Approved sewer contractors

View List of approved sewer contractors

For a list of approved sewer contractors please click here to view or print


FAQ Sheet:

How do I connect?

View or print out a simple FAQ sheet for details and further information on the sewer expansion project

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